Research products​

Uni-Sep System for Lymphocytes isolation​

Processing of peripheral blood mononuclear cells and lymphocytes for clinical or research applications aims to effectively isolate or deplete specific cell populations.


The success of the procedure, i.e. the recovery of viable lymphocytes with the lowest proportion of contaminating granulocytes and erythrocytes, depends to a large extent on the careful layering of the blood sample onto the separation medium and the maintenance of a sharp interface between the two solutions prior to centrifugation. 


To this end, a new, innovative, ready-to-use UNI-SEP patented system was developed.  


Due to the unique plastic insert, a blood sample can be poured directly into the UNI-SEP tube, with no special precautions required to prevent disruption of the separation medium layer.


The one-way feature of the insert allows passage of materials during the centrifugation step but prevents the flow of the separation medium during transportation.