Prepared culture media​

Novamed provides a variety of microbiological supplies.

For over 20 years, Novamed has manufactured over 170 different formulations of ready-to-use classic and custom culture media in a large variety of formats, fill volumes, configurations and sizes for use in healthcare, industrial, pharmaceutical, food, beverage, and research laboratories.

All Novamed’s ready-to-use culture media are prepared according to the corresponding standards of the European, US and Japanese Pharmacopeia’s. Production is based on GMP standards. 

In our purpose-built facility, we have a wide variety of modern equipment, validated in accordance with international standards and guidelines. Customers are welcome to inspect the new Novamed ready-to-use culture media production facility for themselves as further assurance of the quality of the entire service.

Poured into 90 mm Petri dishes, solid culture media (monoplates) is the standard presentation for ready-to-use culture media for microbiology testing and monitoring. Supplied in packs of 10 plates. Also available: irradiated plates with double wrapping.​

Monoplates (Petri dishes Ø 90 mm)​

To increase the productivity of workflow and reduce the hands-on time and the cost of routine lab work, Novamed manufactures 2-compartment bi-plates designed specifically for specialized applications and workflow. Ready-to-use divided culture media (bi-plates) include general-purpose growth media (designed to grow most heterotrophic microorganisms) and selective growth media.​

Bi-plates (Petri dishes Ø 90 mm)​

Novamed’s vast collection of ready-to-use liquid, semi-solid, solid and biphasic tubed culture media can be used in the enrichment, isolation, differentiation and identification of microorganisms of clinical and sanitary importance.​

Tubed media​

Novamed’s ready-to-use culture media range includes a variety of bottled media products offering options in both media type (enrichment medium, diluents, buffers etc.) and container. All prepared bottled media products are manufactured within cleanroom facility and terminally sterilised. The varying-fill volume bottled culture media can be supplied in any formulation or quantity and equipped with either plastic or metal screw caps.​

Bottled media​

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